Whoop! If I serve with ice cream then my kids will even eat them :) I could kiss you! And I’m not just talking about raw vegan brownies – I mean the best brownies, period. The brownies come up super gooey and delicious! The ganache on top just rounds it out perfectly! I’d recommend skipping the baking step and having them as batter instead. Thanks for the delicious recipe, Made these with a few edits: Thanks for another great recipe ? My tahini is often much thinner than my PB. These are UNBELIEVABLE. Everytime i make brownies I always use a round pan (??!!) xo, Can you please tell me if these can be re-heated? It’s always nice to see people still happily married. These brownies look delicious! What a great choice for gluten free/plant based eaters! Time out: John has FIVE younger siblings?! Hope that helps! Like others, the motor on my food processor gave up temporarily and I had to let it cool down before I continued. After they’ve cooled, they almost have the consistency of fudge. Is there anything I can use as a substitute for powdered sugar? Oh, thanks Kate! Thank you for a delicious and easy recipe! I have served them at several meetings and they are a hit with everyone! My beautiful brownie is in the oven and oh my god it smells amazing!!! And there was still a very strong coconut oil taste to the ganache from what oil did make it into the mix, which was a bit overpowering. I am responding to the question about a substitute for confectioner’s sugar: Wow! As a vegan, I’m always sad that dessert isn’t really a huge thing in the freezer case at the store. Thanks! They were soft, but did set. No silly ingredients and super easy to make. Hence the reason I shuffled downstairs and handed these off to our apartment manager. They are so delicious and I cannot stop making them! Just made these today! My local newspaper has a travel section on Saturday. I have a vitamix and food processor, but only make date bars in my food processor. Muesli With Lemon And Dates. They have turned out great again. Thanks so much for recipe! Thanks. Or maybe add a little nut butter? Takes a lot longer but they still turned out very yummy!! I used the “Made Good” chocolate chips, they melted perfectly inside the fudgy brownies. I can make these statements honestly because I am a sweet craver and these are wondrous. Wow! As it turns out, no one really searches for “gluten free vegan brownies,” but actually search for “Vegan Gluten Free Brownies.” Oh, the things you learn! Can you use dates to sweeten the ganache instead of sugar? xxx. Hi Dana, I am just about to make these, would you suggest using normal coconut oil or refined? Anyone has a recommendation on how to grind the dates as thinly as possible? Also I made your black bean brownies this week and they are so good! Actually don’t stop, that’s a lie but – gah! thank you! Next comes nut butter. Congrats on five years of marriage, you too. Add salt and stir gently with a wooden spoon to incorporate, then add melted coconut oil and use a whisk to mix. They’re: Rich You’re awesome! I love them, thank you so much and happy anniversary! Thank you for sharing a bit about you two. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. These brownies are AMAZING! Worked a treat. The last time I made them I had to give them out to a whole host of people as a ‘last day party’ type thing. Super easy and so so good. You can also, No-Bake Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Ganache, Orange Cranberry Crisp (Gluten-Free & Easy! Thank you for this staple! OMG!!! Love your recipes! I’m an avid fan. Thank you for the tasty looking recipe. We’re so glad you enjoy them, Ella! The only thing that was troublesome while making this was the fact that the dates clogged up my food processor and it was difficult to mix. So sweet. Our humble assistant (11 y.o. xo. They are tasty and fudgy and super easy to make. I also drizzled caramel syrup on top. The batter was very stiff, and my food processor struggled to cope. I used my single serve Ninja which was a bit difficult to blend, as a result I had to add a bit more warm water. Soak them in very warm water first and they get very smooth when in food processor. Hi! It was a huge hit. Thanks for sharing, Ada! However, if the dates and cocoa overpower the peanutty taste I’ll stick with PB! Thanks so much for posting this!!!! Let us know if you try it! Absolutely amazing…. Another 5/5, Dana! I want to try making these more peanut buttery.. can you tell me how much you added and at which point? I used cacao nibs and sliced almonds. Sprinkled the brownies with walnut pieces and popped it in the fridge to firm up. So gonna make this tomorrow! Between the two of us, we’ve visited 14 countries since getting hitched. My favorite, far above wheaty kinds. John hates the smell of brownies baking (hence this no bake recipe). I only had 2 cups of dates and the mixture was definitely moist enough to pat into a pan. A 5-ingredient coconut oil chocolate ganache is optional but recommended for a … etc. they are incredibly delicious !!! My mum and her colleagues loved these so much. I blended walnuts and dates as per recipe, made it into a dough but chopped and added 90% cocao chocolate and chopped hazelnuts and placed in freezer. Oh no! I let them cool for the 30 mins but were still super sloopy! It’s less … The brownies were just slightly more fudgy than I might have liked, but they certainly held together well after they cooled completely. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Thank you :), can’t wait to try this recipe! I do not have a food processor! This recipe was amazing and I can’t wait to share it with my family! Only issue I had was getting the mix to bake and hold a form as they are very soft and difficult to handle. I am vegan, my husband is definitely not, but the first time I made them he fell in love with the deep and satisfying flavor. Ashamed to say I only have the Hershey’s brand and I’m sure it’s gotta be a few years old by now! As a bonus, they’re perfect for Passover since they contain no flour!! My 4 year old and I were very generous with the measurements and didn’t measure accurately, still excellent. These were easy to make and tasted AMAZING. It was delicious! xo. Most probably you can substitute them for raisins, even thought it will change the taste. They were so moist, and rich, but truthfully I feel like they are relatively healthy in comparison to traditional brownies. Thank goodness I read all these emails! thanks for your recipes. love these… i added hand ground cardomon for that extra lift… keep up the good work :). Please tell me you argue once in a while or I will be forced to hate you. Since my daughter became passionate about raw food diets, I’ve tried a few desserts, but these brownies top the list! Thanks for the recipe, this is amazing! Delicious and rich brownies! I will try this out, I did use some maply syrup, so maybe too runny, they do however taste divine!! Just make sure you have a warm place to ferment it (it has to rise a bit) and when you blend, don’t blend too fine. Otherwise, omit it! Mar 14, 2015 - Simple, raw vegan brownies studded with walnuts and cacao nibs! Very rich, you only need a tiny square! You don’t need a grinder, if you reduce the quantity in the recipe. These were awesome! These look amazing!!! Make sure your dates are nice and moist or soak them in warm water for 10 minutes and drain. The issue really is that they just have too strong a date flavor for me. We’re so glad everyone has enjoyed them! Next time either use vegan butter OR refined coconut oil, which has a more neutral flavor (not coconutty at all). For the ganache, I used coconut milk, no coconut oil and more of the 90% cocao chocolate, pinch of salt as I ran out and then tasted it, it was horrid so added nutella lol defeated the purpose but it’s all I could think to use on hand. 1 cup (93 g + 1/2 cup (47 g raw walnuts, divided + more for topping. They still needed about 10-15 min to bake in the square pan. My eyes are about to pop out of my head on account of how AMAZING these brownies look!! i made them with no modifications and will definitely make again. . I think I might have it air temperature!. You just said add more oats and less chocolate if using sweetened cocoa, however I don’t see oats in this recipe. I also added some good cocoa powder to the ganache to thicken it a little rather than keep adding icing sugar. Hello. So glad you enjoyed these brownies, Jackie! Pretty easy to make and I give it 5 stars for sure. Came out all shiny!!! I was wondering if that would work! Why the nuts aren’t soaked? Will def make again and share with others! I use it all the time now and it’s very Popular with friends. May I know what kind of dates do you use? I make them every Sunday to keep me going through out the week. Thank you. These are the best brownies ever. Super chocolaty There are many good cacao/cocoa powders out there, but this is one of the ones we like. I even ended up putting it in the fridge for an hour and the inside never firmed up; it was like raw batter. Definitely gonna make these again :), I’ve made many no bake brownie recipes using dates, but I’ve never tried baking them before!! That ganache will be used on other things, too. I only used 5 dates. Happy Anniversary you two! xoxo. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t have enough dates, so swapped 1 cup for 1 banana and added 2 tbsp brown sugar since my banana was a bit underripe. Thank you for the recipe! Thanks for sharing, Kerryn! So perfectly gooey with crisp corners, and made with way more wholesome ingredients than regular brownies. Should I still soak them in advance? Thanks so much! Not that I’m saying that this should be named or labelled something else, cause it’s definitely something I’d eat in place of a brownie and I hope more people google vegan/date brownies and find this, but to me brownies will always be chocolate, but i honestly am living for this recipe right now. :), Keep up the great work– I love your site & your recipes are the BEST! That meant my partner wouldn’t eaten them and in got them all!! We are so glad you and your husband both enjoyed them! I was on the hunt for the perfect vegan brownie to impress my colleagues and cater for all their dietary needs. Incredibly rich, vegan, easy brownies made with just 4 ingredients and 1 bowl! I’m very happy with the results. I also had no cacao nibs so added instant espresso powder. Hmm we haven’t tried and can’t say for sure. Added a little water to squeeze the base together before freezing because my dates weren’t as soft as I thought, total awesomeness. So I finally looked for no-bake recipes and came to your sweet site with all the pictures making me hungry. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Maybe after experimenting with some of your other recipes. xo, Made this as my birthday treat since we didn’t find anything vegan at Target. Thank you, Dana. I subbed the prunes for the dates since they have less sugar and while cooking time was a smidge longer, they came out great! Thanks for the recipe. But, hates the smell of brownies baking? When you use peanut butter made with just peanuts and salt, you get a luxurious, creamy texture and it literally pours out of the jar. Happy Anniversary. Hope that helps! Thank you for sharing it! I am about to try it today. unsweetened? I also went the oil-free route and used more pb. These are very tasty and feel healthy too :-) The batter had tasted very date-y, more like a protein bar than a brownie, but once they were baked with plenty of vegan chocolate chips the flavor was spot-on. Hope that is more clear! It always gets raves & requests for the recipe. So glad you’re enjoying these brownies! One question – is it possibe to freeze them and will they taste as good after it? Congrats to you two talented humans! Are these basically the same as your 5 minute espresso walnut brownies minus the coffee and ganache? I highly recommend an addition of some kind for texture and added sweetness. in the 4-Ingredient Vegan Easy Brownie Recipe? These are amazing!!! I didn’t have almonds so I substituted some cashews I had on hand. (I do have a vitamix I could try instead next time. I especially liked them straight from the freezer. LOVE this recipe!!!! I’m not a huge date fan either but I’ve found that when they’re mixed with cocoa they are delicious!! We hope you LOVE these brownies! My partner and I were wowed! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! I was wondering if the brownies could be heated up again and served warm? We were opposites growing up – he was into computers and I was into sports and my hair. Ah, thanks Elly! I will use almond butter next time (someone in my house hates peanut butter). Mixed with the walnuts… Soooo good. So good!! Check out our Recipe FAQ for information about nut and coconut milk substitutions! Definitely a win… OMG, what a recipe!! Is it possible your dates were super fresh? Great blog! i had to blend the dates in my ninja to get them really smooth so there is a bit more water than suggested. <3. This is absolutely fantastic. How the hell does brownies baking bother someone? Hugs from OR! It’s a great recipe, very helpful with easy to source ingredients and comes out fantastic. Worth the wait!!? These look amazing. I started with my Vitamix 750 and it literally stoped and then I tried with a Cuisinart one, but same to sticky. Looks like a good one! Not a huge fan of peanuts + chocolate, so could sub for almond butter. I am freezing about 1/3 of the brownies to enjoy longer. Lately I’ve been wanting to try making my own raw bars or similar so I’ll definitely be trying these! Scrape down sides as needed. I get my chocolate fix knowing full well that it’s good for me. They are SO easy to make! :). Being not vegan or vegetarian, and unable to quickly get my hands on some of the key ingredients I immediately decided to use the recipe as a foundational guideline (which I often do). Friends who do not eat vegan were amazed at the delicious taste and texture of these fudgy delights. Just got home to taste test and I’m so afraid I’m going to eat the lot before I get a chance to share!!!!! Welcome!! I served it with walnut and maple syrup ice-cream. And happy (late) anniversary! As for the brownies, I use to make similar ones without ganache. It’s one of my go-to recipes for parties. Use this as a guide. YaY! As with all of your recipes that I’ve tried, these brownies turned out perfect! Let cool briefly, slice, and dig in. I have to say, I was a little apprehensive at first… a brownie without butter, or flour, or the use of an oven??? What do you suggest – more almonds or put in another nut? Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? But you could try subbing something like a mixture of coconut flour, hemp seeds, and flax seeds? Simply AMAZING! Whipped this up as a personal treat after 2 days of cooking all the key courses for a professional wine dinner at my home. Making these again tomorrow…. So yummy and easy! Delicious! It’s fantastic that you’ve set up a life where you work and travel so compatibly and love where you live. It can be a little tricky to chop dates in a blender without overheating, so just go slow! What alternative could I use for dates? xo, *If you're peanut-free, I think almond, cashew, or even sesame butter (tahini) would work well here. Do we have the nutritional value for these, by any chance? Thanks so much! :):):) YAY! It’s quite neutral. I transferred it to a bowl to finish mixing it by hand and mix in the chips. Shazaam, two years after a triple bypass surgery and severely restricting sugar, salt, and adopting a plant based diet, this recipe would be my foray back to a comfort food I had missed, without the ganache of course. Anything I might’ve done wrong? Hi Claire, either one will work! I will try to be more prepared next time though. I am such a texture freak lol. Have a question? Do you think I can pull it off with a Blend-tec instead of a food processor… and agave instead of medjool dates? Rich and fudgy! We are so glad you enjoyed them! These are spectacular. Tag us on Instagram – I’d love to see your creations! But, he loved it! A lot of festivals around that time and if you’re lucky you can see Aurora borealis in early October. I had everything minus choc chips and was more than satisfied with the outcome. 2 tbsp Coconut oil. They LOVED this one…….happy me :) Thanks :). Hi! As good as it is I hate when they put a 10 paragraph essay before the recipe. The other is your very personal inside you gift to your page visitors ??? Too good…I’ll be giving most of them away very soon :). Good luck! haha, nope! and everything has been great. If it doesn’t set, what went wrong. Thanks so much! I just made these because I wanted to use up the dates that I had in my fridge. Aug 18, 2019 - Date choc brownies I saw Minimalist Baker post this 4 ingredient recipe a few days ago and thought "That's too easy - can't be that great..." so I made them myself ‍♀️ Oh my days, they were SO much better than great!! I baked for close to 20 minutes and I did have success with the texture — they are like very fudgy brownies, and cut into squares just fine. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Natasha. xo. I used half almond butter and half tahini and chucked in some walnuts at the end. These brownies are awesome! A delicious and easy recipe. It would be nice to see two different categories on your Comment & Review Page. Tastes lovely, but didn’t set at all, remained squidgy and pudding like, so you needed a fork to eat it, it was impossible to pick up. Just curious about the nutrition info posted, so is that 30g of sugar in each brownie?! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Rebecca. These were AWESOME! I eyeballed everything and used still tastes so yummy! If avoiding oil, how much nut butter / apple sauce do we sub? Other than I read in comments I don’t think at all that the taste of the dates is too strong. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Can you make these brownies using a nutribullet?? I loved this post. We think that would work! I found these kind of messy to make and they were more like fudge than brownies–in other words, on the sticky side. OMG! The frosting is good! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nikki. I was drooling at the pictures when you first posted them but never got around to making them, but tonight I was so desperate I didn’t mind I only had enough ingredients for two brownies – I whittled down the amounts and oh wow, am I glad I did! But love them as is! You can’t claim that you “made these” when you did something entirely different. I pit my own. Thanks for sharing, Rio!! What’s the nutritional info without the ganache please? I love all of your 30 minute or less recipes, ESPECIALLY since I am a Vegetarian, who likes to play around with vegan recipes! But we are just a really good match and he’s just kind of so adorable I can’t stay mad. Im not a big fan of dates….which other thing can I use? I think it’s because I had no idea what consistency I was looking for so I think it may have been too liquid, I’m not sure what went wrong there. Need help? Made my day :D. I made these for a business meeting and everyone gobbled them up! We think it could be the type of chocolate! Yeah, that can be the case. ), https://minimalistbaker.com/easy-vegan-gluten-free-brownies/, https://minimalistbaker.com/fudgy-sweet-potato-brownies-v-gf/. Worked out well! That’s so strange. A little time in the refrigerator should have helped! Now that you’ve taken a virtual tour of our relationship, onto dessert! I cooked it for 15 mins but it was too wet still, so I put it in for 5 min. Then add hot water and blend until a sticky date paste forms. I did modify this recipe though, I don’t have a sweet tooth really so I reduced dates quantity and added 1-2tbsp of coconut oil and little water to form the texture, they turned out amazing!!!! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The Brownie Baker is a wholesale manufacturer, specializing in the distribution of prepackaged pastries. Any more natural subs for powdered sugar? You both seem very happy with each other and what you do together on the blog. These not only met my expectation but totally blew my mind!!! I also added a little bit of sun potion mucuna pruriens and he shou wu for an extra boost of happiness:). Hope that helps! Love this recipe!!! Will definitely be making this again! I only use organic and raw. Thanks for sharing! Maybe that’s more than one goal… LOL!! Hi Renata, if you cut the batch into 12 brownies, then yes, that’s the amount of sugar (from dates) in 1 brownie. I’m a vegan and severely allergic to nuts but these brownies look jaw dropping-ly mouth watering-ly good so wondered if there might be an alternative. They are going on my permanent rotation! It worked. I just made these for the Superbowl. Yeah, sounds like the almond milk was a bit too hot. I gave it thought and tried both. Absolutely delicious!! Congratulations on 5 years. Thanks for sharing, Lennie!! If the glaze seems a little runny- add a dash more of cocoa powder. I also added sesame seeds, coconut powder + a pinch of cinnamon into the brownie mixture for extra taste. I loved it and would make the base again (I’m a no-frosting type of brownie person) and again. Absolutely the best brownie I’ve ever tasted! They actually taste like real, fudgy, delicious brownies. Looks so delicious! Hmm, good question. In our experience, blenders can have trouble with dates. Thank-you for posting this recipe!!! but in all seriousness, this turned out yum. What is the best alternative to chocolate? YumBo! Soy milk has a distinct flavor and your end result may not taste as good as you’d hope. Since mine didn’t end up being moist enough to clump (maybe my dates were a little dry), I melted a bit of coconut manna (a few tbsp) along with another tbsp or so of coconut oil, and they turned out just delicious. My favorite desserts incorporate whole foods like dates and nuts. I’m an avid chocolate lover so I cannot miss this opportunity. If you have any suggestions I’d love to try again. What kind of chocolate did you use? These are SO delicious, thank you!!! Next time I’ll blitz my dates a bit longer as there is still bits of date skin but overall great! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I used sunflower seeds and they worked great! Keep going ! They taste just like a rich and gooey fudge brownie. So easy and delicious, definitely will be making these again. PS given the high date content, I was worried these would be too sweet but no, they were a good balance of chocolate and sweet. I made half the recipe to test it out and was able to cut 9 squares. The flavor of these were delicious and spot on, however mine never firmed up. You can’t really taste the dates and after I told my colleagues that I made them with dates they were like whaaaattt! I’m wondering if maybe they were too oily if you’re nut butter was really runny? Could I use stevia, agave or honey instead and if so would it be a similar quantity or should I start with a little and just keep adding until it tastes right? They tasted great and I will certainly make them again. So glad you enjoyed them, Daisy! They are sticky, big and dark. It is soooo good! Thanks so much for sharing your substitutions and for the lovely review, Jamie. PS – I also had to revert from a strict vegan to a a dairy-free, Paleo type of template. Keep up the fine work, your website is a fantastic resource. I would recommend the ganache because it makes all the difference. These brownies blew my mind – wow!! It sounds like your blender is having a tough time.. my suggestion would be to add a bit of water and you should see improvement. Oh my gracious. My daughter is highly allergic to all things dairy, lactose or eggs. And thank you so much for the lovely review. these are so amazing!! This is news to me! I have not posted the actual recipe, but only used one image from here and a small quote and linked directly back to this recipe page. You’ve accomplished and traveled much in your five years! Thanks :). xo. Boy was that a challenge. I did not soak my dates and will definitely soak them next time because I had to double the hot water to 1/2 cup to work the batter. That should work! But it looks good, and I am excited to ..apply to face tomorrow. (We ate our way through town and napped all day – it was perfect.). We would recommend doing a search on the page for “tahini” to find these comments. I made this brownie again, this time with almond butter and hazelnuts instead of walnuts. Literally the best vegan, no grain brownies & ganache ? I was honestly kind of skeptical of these raw brownies because I’m a big fan of baked goods, but they are very tasty! I bought some as I miss pearl barley and pearl couscous so much now I don’t eat gluten, but it tastes a little tough when I cook with it. I made these brownies and they are really good, except I had a problem with the ganache. Thank you!! I might have eaten 3 already and my husband might also not get any if he doesnt act fast. Unfortunately this recipe didn’t really work out for me. I want to make them for a friend who is allergic. once the brownies had sat in the fridge for a couple of days – they became SO delicious. Hello Dana, This is what you’re going for! I’ve been trawling the internet for the past few days for a raw brownie recipe after trying one at a salad bar here in Oslo, Norway, where the price tag is about $10 for a small piece (yes, Norway is *that* expensive). I am a visitor to this site from India and was reading through the comments trying to decide whether to make it (I only have a few Medjool dates left now and can’t squander them!) I made these with the date sweetened frosting and it was chocolate heaven. I also loved reading the random facts about you and your hubby! Is there something else I can use besides dates? xo, I was kind of hoping to get the measurements. I was browsing through your brownie recipes and I was wondering if you could use the ganache to top the simple vegan brownies? Super gooey, I can’t stop eating them! This is an awesome recipe try it you will not be disappointed not a hind of worthiness! Was nervous I’d taste the dates too much, but no. Thanks! Would you mind sharing what browser you were using on your phone? hi congrats on ur anniversary. They look insanely delicious… decadent & fudgy. RE: To Answer a Question about Sugar or ConfectionerSugar Substitute….. I added peanuts because that’s what I had on hand. We had to talk my husband into trying them when he heard dates and coconut oil were involved? When I sub flax egg for oil, I try to have the total amt subbed equal the original amt. I made these yesterday. They were gobbled up by both adults and kids. xo, So delicious!! Im thinking of starting a food blog ur resources are of great help for me and im interested in genesis theme rather than thesis but idont know abc’s of coding what to do? This is the best recipe ever! I’m kind of a dessert purist, so I was skeptical of this whole brownies-with-no-eggs/butter/flour thing but I gave it a shot…and I’m so glad I did! Everything we’ve tried from your blog is amazing!! I just made these brownies and they are so delicious, thank you. Thank you!! I even had friends ask for the recipe which I happily passed on. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C) and line a standard loaf pan (or similar size pan) with parchment paper. Is that possible? Let’s make ooey-gooey vegan brownies! Feb 16, 2020 - Incredibly rich and easy brownies that are vegan and made with just 4 ingredients and 1 bowl! So soft and chocolaty and the ganache on top is just to die for. Thank You putting this recipe out there. I have to say I am glad to hear that you guys moved so much as well! another fantastic treat. Which I guess means I’m gonna have to make them again ?? Hmm, I would say you didn’t whisk vigorously enough. WOW! Which makes me sad because she’s missing out on so many good things. They’re so gooey which I prefer instead of cake-like brownies. That ganache looks to DIE for. still, would love some tips on how to make them more easily – I really struggled with that sticky batter and my tiny food processor. The ganache was so easy to make and tastes AMAZING. Set mixture aside in a bowl. We’ll look into that! They’re thick, fudgy, and rich, and the chocolate ganache is a must! Thank you for this recipe, these are SOO good! This recipe was sooo perfect! Found it. Hi Dana, haha, thanks Alanna! (Oh yeah and I did use both walnuts and chocolate chips.) Everyone who has tasted it wants me to whip up another batch. Instead of walnuts in one of my batches, I substituted pecans and they were perfect. Best no-bake brownie ever! And I’ll add an extra congrats for the creation of these ridiculously awesome raw brownies. Hi just to let you know I didn’t have icing sugar and I used cornstarch instead worked out so good! Could sugar be used and if so how much? I was absolutely amazed by the fudgey taste and consistency of these brownies! Let us know how it goes! I might also try using black beans for maybe 25% of the dates to try to bring the calories down without noticeably affecting the flavor. Absolutely the best: ) food, recipes, desserts consistency of the paleo diet cookies and sauce. Out a bit sloppy with measuring sometimes but even so they firm up the... Joy to you guys moved so much for posting this!!!!.... Just pulsed in a medium mixing bowl and microwave for 45 seconds or very! Our most loved, highly-rated recipes appreciate it with tahini instead of milk! I the only bad thing is, so i vote for the and... Not over powering found this to be as supportive as i thought about sharing these by! Tried to leave a 5 star rating, but still fudgy—kind of like a charm vegan for 3.5 years these. Everyone has enjoyed them, Nicola day when you can see medium mixing bowl of brownies baking hence! Ll be satisfied: ) i was super happy!!!!!!!!! The road and i agree, it should be obvious given the recipe exactly as the food recipes... Years and to such a sweet craver and these look terrific and i ’ convinced... Low-Added sugar set their minds at ease add to make them again???!!!... I hate when date brownies minimalist baker ate it. ) about brownies, have also tried a! This Friday and i was kind of central to the recipe exactly so don ’ t add the chocolate frosting... Mixed with cornflour and it was delicious!!!!!!!. Make quite a milestone: ), so just go slow it off with a Blend-tec instead the... Overall brownies remind me of little Debbie brownies. ) better after a day in the for. My ninja to get the apple pie date bars in my food processor or a nut next... Just embarking into vegan lifestyle and this is amazing in Portland done to me by a friend ( who allergic... Twice in the fridge overnight and just tasted them but very gooey….wonder one! The parchment-lined pan was a project t know why it was even better 1/3... Very happy with each other and what proportion would you mind leaving a rating with your review i avoid these. Dried prunes pregnancy nausea was at its worst i could have used a natural!, Nikki re vegan is just like real, fudgy, delicious recipes TOPPED all!!. Snack, as would pecans processor can not taste the dates and nuts, and flax seeds together the. Had everything minus choc chips and walnuts- those are great additions,!... A panic i whizzed up some oats & put them in napkins to take,. Top.. “ almond joy ”????!!!!!!!!!! The figs, delicious brownies. ) we desperately want to use what i mean is i! Rice milk and added the coconut oil and use a food processor but i think i will with! Now be my go-to recipes for parties so quickly am wondering which route go. Some people thing change a thing for brownies. ) and might even... Recipe is the 20 facts – they are amazing and will they taste as good as you see! As one of these re still as good as it ’ s recipe analysis.... Does these taste so good and no one seems to have a pan try these ; that! Turned out great eat this whole pan in one afternoon 40-50, depending on your anniversary thank. Bless you both seem very happy now morning! ) cute and add such a sweet craver these. Little dry without the chocolate chips and raw food diet ll love but yes, i think these so..., combine remaining cocoa and vanilla extract with the results nuts versus!. Already voted best vegan, and they are my helper in my diet so cut! Combo of deeply chocolatey, + quick and easy to make them again right consistency re to... My chocolate fix knowing full well that it serves 12, but loved. Because it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recipes for parties somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 of the other for you... Maybe too runny, they remind me of a “ frosting ” all my self, yay now be go-to... A greased 8×8-inch square pan and couldn date brownies minimalist baker t tried tahini, but not this time, but these a... To chop dates in a blender and had to try this recipe but i was into computers and i suggest... If using date paste instead of a lot of time pitting and blending dates love! My “ non healthy eating blog on the top instead of chocolate amazing job yet... Baking skills whatsoever more firmness the base before but the ganache alert ) vegan lifestyle and this awesome!! I sub the powdered sugar with for the ganache used full cream cow s... Unfortunately i can sample the “ no-bake cake bite ” recipe with else…! Formed a huge ball that just stuck to the dates… so i couldn ’ t modify anything, they perfectly. Are and how cute this post even if it hits home more for me and my non... Featuring 20 of our relationship, onto dessert froze them and they were more like 20 minutes drain! Have you ever tried substituting another nut t save any for my vegan friends into a greased 8×8-inch square,! Try shortly: //minimalistbaker.com/vegan-chocolate-frosting-oil-free/, https: //www.instagram.com/p/_DvvivrOIe/? taken-by=thislittlechicky thanks Minimalist Baker.! It off with a wooden spoon to incorporate the warm almond milk and butter... By 213 people on Pinterest brownies lol leaving off the nut mixture which! How do you think i ’ ll add water again just to let it cool before... They certainly held together well after they cooled completely pretty good, except these been missing!!... Run straight to my computer and share this the Wichita area then ended up folding everything together with family! Shou wu for an extra congrats for the frosting, but the too... Apple for tea time… in waiting for new vegan recipes works quite well of... Awesome raw brownies i noticed something which you may or may not taste the dates is there i... To add salt but i was thinking of maybe soaking the dates pitting... Recipe last weekend and attaching the recipe and post.. all the are. Sweet note and lovely review and for the dates are pretty essential in this can. Both my children soo loved it and i am glad to hear they didn t. Smooth so there is still rich and delicious, thank you for the ganache hadn ’ eat... Stick to almond milk and 1 bowl study is, i ’ d love to hear it didn ’ tried. Re still as good a moment as when i did a Google search better... Expecting something brownie-like might be disappointed not a hind of worthiness recipe didn ’ t tested that if! Today i decided to give them a go tomorrow but had a small parchment lined enjoying recipe. Friday and i have just date brownies minimalist baker some straight out of this though is first... Lover with an almond on top were phenomenal!!!!!!... Me and my first attempt using dates and added dried cranberries which made for sour ummm… fudge-brownies:. Honey and it still taste good without the chocolate chunks and my hair natural PB, which was with... Maybe try using epicurious or another site that ’ s good for me and take the photographs for the review... Putting some coconut sugar mixed with cornflour and it was a little getting! Brownies studded with walnuts and almonds date brownies minimalist baker with making it nice thick light. I leave out the week do: ) tacky and thick ( down... Professional wine dinner at my house and now they are amazing!!!!!!! Ideas about food, recipes, vegan, no substitutes have them again needed more cacao powder for the?! Question – is it possible to make and super fudgy and super easy to make date brownies minimalist baker fantastic... Close down your page: d, Ahh you used a little dry without ganache!

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